Hillary’s Foreign Policy

Jam1000000amTue, 30 Jan 2007 06:47:10 -080007 23, 2007

This article came from the TPM café in the America Abroad blog.

To begin with, the article delves into the topics (or problems) in the upcoming elections; namely the lack of foreign policy discussion by the candidates.  Wilson ponders what the candidates (Hilary, Obama, Edwards, etc.) of the Democrat party will do about global issues, especially with Iraq.  However, he goes on to write that they “almost certainly don’t know all they really need to know on foreign affairs.”  While it is extremely important to understand what a candidate believes and will do in regards to an issue like foreign policy, its also good to remember that once in office, the head brings staff on that specialize in certain situations.  Because of his history in the campaign races, he claims that prior to the primaries, the campaign crews do as much as possible to separate the candidate from hot topics, especially foreign policy.  In the end, it seems that Wilson would like to see the candidates pressed for more answers about what intentions they have.  Interestingly, one commenter of
Wilson’s blog claims that all candidates will still back Israel.  Already, this is intriguing enough because that is a huge foreign policy decision that affects the whole Middle Eastern region’s perception of the United States.

Wilson has an impressive bio ranging from being published, being a professor, and acting as an adviser on several commissions all relevant to the study of foreign policy. Furthermore, he also has worked on several campaigns, including Gore’s and Kerry’s. In sum, he has history in the foreign policy discipline gaining some credibility.  However, his writing, history, and affiliations clearly display his political biases, along with those who subscribe to his blog.  In fact, one commenter to rather liberal democrats, with a response by one commenter of, “Bush’s cocky nature and sheltered existence provided more insight than Condi’s blathering neo-realist piece in Foreign Affairs.” In addition, some of the advertising supports rather liberal ideals (Gay marriage), and the upcoming elections and candidates within—namely Hilary.  


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