Quick Venezuela Facts

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Before I begin blogging on Venezuelan issues, I thought it would be appropriate to provide some data about the nation that might help put things into context.

 From the Population Reference Bureau, I gathered:

  • Crude Birth rate (per 1000) –    22
  • Crude Death rate (per 1000) –    5
  • Total Fertility rate –     2.7
  • Rate of natural increase –    1.7
  • Population –   around 27 Million

From the CIA World Factbook:

  •  “Venezuela is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor; women and children from Colombia, China, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic are trafficked to and through Venezuela and subjected to commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor; Venezuelans are trafficked internally and to Western Europe, particularly Spain and the Netherlands, and to countries in the Caribbean region for commercial sexual exploitation; Venezuela is a transit country for illegal migrants from other countries in the region and for Asian nationals, some are believed to be trafficking victims”
  • “small-scale illicit producer of opium and coca for the processing of opiates and coca derivatives; however, large quantities of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana transit the country from Colombia bound for US and Europe.”
  • Venezuela is a Federal Republic
  • The President (Chavez) is both the Head of Government and Chief of State
  • 7th largest proved oil reserves in the world (8th if including the world)
  • 7th largest exporter of oil
  • 90% of export earnings come from oil revenue
  • 50% of federal budget is oil revenue
  • 30% of GDP is oil revenue
  • 50% of exports go to the United States
  • 31% of the Venezuela’s imports come from the United States

As the data shows, oil production and exporting is extremely important to the economy of Venezuela.  Furthermore, the trade relationship with the United States fairly large as well.  So one might wonder what will happen to trade if the Venezuelan/United States political relationship deteriorates and breaks up…?


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