Look at what Chavez has to say about Bush!!!!

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Here are some comments from the New York Times in response to Bush’s visit to Brazil.   Here is the article then some highlights. 

The Venezuelan leader was especially disparaging about what he characterized as Mr. Bush’s belated and “hypocritical” focus on issues of economic and social injustice in the region.“He seems like
Columbus — he’s discovering poverty,” Mr. Chávez said.
He also said, referring to the
United States by a pejorative term that he habitually employs, “the fundamental blame belongs to the Empire, to the economic models and coups d’état. And now he comes to us to talk of democracy — with what right?”…“If I had him face to face, I’d tell him, ‘Gringo go home.’ ”
Mr. Chávez seemed to take particular umbrage at Mr. Bush’s remarks earlier this week comparing Simón Bolívar, the hero of Venezuelan independence and Mr. Chavez’s idol, with George Washington. Mr. Bush had said that Bolívar, like
Washington, “belongs to all of us who love freedom,” but Mr. Chávez made it clear that he did not agree.
The comparison was “crude, a slap to the dignity of our people,” Mr. Chávez said before leaving Venezuela, and then elaborated on the idea at a news conference in Buenos Aires, where he is staying in a hotel that is part of an American chain.Washington was born poor and died a rich slaveholder, Mr. Chávez argued, while Bolívar was born rich and died poor, because of his devotion to the cause of Latin American independence from


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