Venezuela and Capybara, not Chavez…?

Jpm3000000pmThu, 22 Mar 2007 13:15:34 -080007 23, 2007

CapybaraSo, it’s almost Easter time, and everyone (in Easter celebrating regions) are preparing a feast of some sort, or at least getting ready to.  While turkey might be a favorite in the United States, other nations have other different preferences.  Venezuela has a pretty unique on in fact: the capybara.  It is a delicacy in the country that was so popular it was nearly wiped out by poachers.  President Chavez is even a fan claiming to eat “capybara empanadas washed down with papaya juice.” While the ways in which the animal are hunted and killed are sometimes criticized and scrutinized, it doesn’t change the fact that its meat can cost sometimes more than twice that of beef.  By the way, the capybara is also the largest rodent in the world.

            Lately, every time I search for a news article about Venezuela, typical results will be negative related to the deteriorating relationship between the S and Chavez, or just criticism about Chavez and his government.  So when I ran across this article (the headliner for the mericas region of the New York Times website), I was a pleasant relief.  Reading this article will remind people that although the Venezuelan government is an adversary to the S government, politics are not the only thing going on in the country.  However, it is still ironic and humorous that a story about the capybara hunting in Venezuela should make headlines on nytimes.com.





  1. Is your Spanish good enough to read Latin American papers?

  2. Somewhat…I think I am going to start doing that, at least with some help from a friend

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